PETS ARE NOT PLACED ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS  We are here to fill the needs of the animals first.  The purpose of our adoption program is to find responsible, lifelong homes for animals suitable for family pets.   It is our goal to be as sure as we possibly can be that your home/life situation is a good long-term match for the animal you would like to adopt. 

Our adoption fees are $75 for dogs in-state and $95 out-of-state, and $25 for cats.
 These adoption rates will apply, unless otherwise specified for certain breeds or Paws In Prison graduates.  All animals over 12 weeks old will be spayed and neutered prior to adoption per State Law.  If the animal is too young and has not been been altered at the time of adoption, we require it to be altered as soon as it is age-appropriate.  Adopters will be required to sign an Adoption Contract as well as a Spay/Neuter Compliance Agreement, if the animal is not altered.  Please read these over before completing an application.

After we receive your application, it will be submitted to our Adoption Committee members.  One member will call you for a telephone interview and such topics will be covered as:  On a daily basis, how will you care for this animal and take care of its basic needs, such as exercise, veterinary care, etc.; What are the personalities of your current pets; How the children in your home may react to this new animal, and other things along these lines.  Your two (2) personal references and vet reference will be contacted.

Thank you for considering adoption!


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