1. The adopter agrees that the animal will be kept only as a pet and will not be used for breeding, fighting, racing, or any other commercial purpose.
  2. The adopter agrees to have the animal vaccinated for rabies by ______________.
  3. The adopter agrees to have the animal spayed or neutered by ______________.
  4. The adopter agrees to provide proper veterinary care for the animal.
  5. The adopter gives ICARE the right to make periodic visits to the adopter's premises for the purpose of checking on the health and general welfare of the animal and to verify that the animal has been spayed or neutered according to the terms of this agreement.
  6. If the adopter is a tenant, the adopter will provide written permission from the landlord consenting to this adoption.
  7. If for any reason the adopter is unable to provide proper care for this animal, the adopter agrees to return the animal to ICARE.  The animal may not be given to any third party without the knowledge and written consent of ICARE.
  8. The adopter agrees that if, in the judgment of ICARE, the animal is receiving inadequate care, or has not been spayed or neutered by the specified date, ICARE shall have the right of immediate repossession of the animal.
  9. If ICARE is forced to seek return of the animal by judicial process, the adopter shall be liable for any reasonable attorney's fees and court costs.
  10. The adopter understands that ICARE makes no claims as to the health, temperment, mental disposition or breed of any animal put up for adoption.
  11. The adopter hereby accepts possession of and responsibility for the animal adopted and agrees to release ICARE forever from liability for any injury or damages to any individual or property caused by the adopted animal.
  12. The adopter acknowledges that he/she has received a copy of the ICARE Animal Adoption Contract.

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