Izard County Community Spay and Neuter Program

Available to single people who make $15,000.00 a year or less or have Medicaid or an EBT card.  Also available to families (more than one person) who make $25,000.00 or less or have Medicaid or have an EBT card.  The co-pay is $10.00 per animal.  If you qualify, just call our automated answering service at (870) 368-5000 or Marleen at (870) 297-8783.

Available To Everyone

ICARE will pay $15.00 on the bill for altering a cat; $20.00 on a dog neuter and $25.00 on a dog spay.  May contact our automated line at (870) 368-5000 and someone will call  you back or call (870)404-4657.

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