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The Izard County Animal Rescue Effort (ICARE) was first organized in March, 2003 by a group of volunteers in Melbourne, (Izard County) Arkansas, for the purpose of promoting responsible, compassionate care and relief of suffering for animals while providing low-cost spay and neuter programs to the community.  We received our non-profit 501(c)(3) status on November 19, 2003.

Since that time, we have adopted approximately 620 dogs and 108 cats and have altered 1,500 dogs and cats through our low cost spay and neuter clinics with Arkansans for Animals (AFA), a community grant, and one-on-one with our local veterinarians.

We do not have a shelter.   All our animals are cared for in foster homes throughout the county.

We do make out-of-state adoptions.

Our complete list of pets available for adoption may be seen at

ADOPTION FEES: Please note:
Unless otherwise noted in the individual animal description, the adoption fee for mixed breed dogs is $75 in the State of Arkansas and $95 out of state.  Breed and Designer Breed dog adoption fees are higher and will be noted in the individual animal description.  PAWS IN PRISON trained dogs adoption fees are $125.  Cats are $25.  Fees can be adjusted on an individual basis.  Fees may change at any time.

We meet on the second Thursday of each month at the Community Building adjacent to City Hall in Melbourne beginning at 6:30 PM, with snacks and socializing beginning at 6:00 PM.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (the “ASPCA”) is deeply honored to be able to grant to Izard County Animal Rescue Effort the amount of $2500.00. These funds are designated for the following purpose as outlined in your grant request and, if applicable, its amendments: Voucher Spay/Neuter Program for Low-Income Residents.

Contact Us at (870) 368-5000

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